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May 7, 2008
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Acrylic & oil on panel. 8" x 10" (20.3 cm x 25.4 cm)
Orientation: Up to the viewer
Another in the series of "MICRO-PAINTINGS" created with powerful magnification glasses and the tiniest brushes available.
Completed in Los Angeles on 5/6/2008

In whatever size you look upon this small painting, remember that the original is only 8" x 10", so you may be seeing it larger than life.

This painting symbolizes the creation of my "tiny universe". It is a rendition of a bright mili-second burst of inspiration before it culminates in the creation of an idea. A bright and explosive germ of an idea! The first flash of synapse and neuron! The tiny explosion which is the beginning of a series of electronic agitations which culminate in a plan!! A plan of how I might re-invent reality in my art, and so also in my life!

Because of my chemical make-up, God, Fate or total randomness, I wish to live in a world apart from most other people. I live in a world that I have managed to create. A world apart from what I sometimes refer to as the "unreal reality". I live as far away as I can. (It's not easy!)

I sleep during the day, and work on my art at night. I avoid most human contact. I interact with my fellow man with great reluctance. I spend most of my time in my glorious studio! This is the place that I love most. My space for creating things and ideas! A place where I can think! It is here that I keep my easels, my paints, my computer and printers. It is where I write and paint and dream and scheme. It is where I read and wonder, admire and conspire! My sanctuary. My mind turned inside - out!

Typifying my nature is an obsession for cleanliness and order. Ironically, I love to be surrounded by clutter. However, on closer inspection, one will find that this clutter is organized in it's own logical manner. This is very much like my paintings. I am fascinated by transparent and translucent objects. These objects are very "CLEAN". I collect these small things in my studio. This is a secret collection. Yet, these objects hide in plain sight. (Orbs, water drops, bottles, light bulbs, paper weights, fuses and containers of liquid) Some of these are in this painting.

I also collect objects from the outside "reality". These items represent feelings of the ironic, contemptuous, and sardonic. (a mummified cat, giant spider in plexiglas, tiny skulls, rubber heads, animal taxidermy, photos of ridiculous movie and TV stars, old dolls, puppets, teeth, broken toys, dead fish, dried insects and human remains) These objects are very "UNCLEAN". These things serve as reminders that the world they come from is a threatening, dangerous and UNPLEASANT place. I am, of course, also fascinated by these things. Some of these are also in the painting.

You, the reader, being of superior intelligence and comparative wisdom, (as no one else thinks about, or reads about my art) might feel well equipped, and even anxious to interact with "Unreal Reality" and all it's politicians, gangsters, psychopaths, crooks, cops, idiots, drunks, misfits, yuppies, beggars, thieves, horror stories, love stories and sad stories … and I wish you well! … but I'm sick and tired of the game. So I choose to drop off and start my own! This painting is the illustration of the birth of that idea.

I'm not completely unrealistic. I need money! So, as part of my "not-so-brave new world" I choose to include the internet. (And here I am!) In this wonderful, (very clean!) electronic infinity, I can trade the fruit of my mind for my daily bread. This electronic data transfer is also illustrated in the painting.

On the net I communicate mostly with my like and kind. I deal with interesting subjects, interesting entities and an environment which is perfectly clear, logical and ordered. The computer reality is as clean and clear to me as the inside of my translucencies, On the internet I can disseminate my art, the ultimate diary of my existence, written in pure metaphor, for the money I need. This is truly a gift for which I thank fate, or my chemical make-up, or God, or total randomness.

Thus, my "LITTLE BANG THEORY" is a farcical rendition of the bright beginning of a glimmer of an idea. The sparkle in my eye blown up and painted in my "MIRCO-PAINTING" style, using many pairs of powerful magnification glasses and the tiniest brushes I have.
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Shinobiownzor Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2013
how can you turn your back on all humanity?!
the people you meet along the way need your help and you need their help! unless you are simply so highly evolved that you no longer have any need for human interaction....
the others serve as mirrors to reflect your own psyche and each person is a garden overflowing with divinity, just look into their eyes. you see only the darkness in other humans, but you must realize it is only shadows... nothing but spectres and illusions.
how can you turn your back on all humanity?
you might like the world you have created for yourself, but you are actually hiding from yourself by retreating away from others. if you hide something long enough it does not go away, it will simply be buried in your psyche for so long that eventually it will explode in your mind like a sledgehammer smacking your skull. it will be painful.
each other person holds a piece of the puzzle that is you... you will never be whole again if you abandon us all.

mainly it is just plain selfish.
KittycatKit Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2013
annsquare Featured By Owner May 16, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I love the glassy effect on the water drops and transparent globes (for lack of a better word)! And the whole composition has a very beautiful symmetry too, great work :)
TheRealJustinBailey Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
I've long loved this little painting. It so embodies an explosion in a way that contains the beautiful and the fanciful. Your color, again, astounds. Violet and blue coexist so harmoniously that their differences seem arbitrary. Organized clutter sums up your art as well as anything else does. Not only is it refreshing to see an artist who has ideas driving his work, but it is a gift to find one so frank and honest about said ideas. If you truly are grateful to have the opportunity to make money from your art you are a wise man.
sevenofeleven Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2011
Sometimes the glimmer is more fun than the execution.

"Unreal Reality"
Sometimes what happens in reality seems to be getting closer and closer to the chaos that HPL hints at in his stories. What is made up pales in comparison to what is real. We all could be great horror writers if we use newspapers and tv as reference materials! Maybe so but maybe readers will find such stuff as cozy fiction when they can get their horror and chaos right from the source.

Apologies if this is too much.

Looks great.
Valpigle Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2011
doesn't lack charm this one.
regengirl21 Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2010
awsome :love:
madnezz344 Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2010
awzome colors in this one :D
shaving-breakdown Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2010
I absolutely love this!
Finijo Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2009
I am envious of your universe and your ability to live apart. I am also grateful that you have kept yourself tethered in an ever so small way to the unreal reality via the internet. Thank you for the glimpse into your world/mind and for sharing your incredible work. I have enjoyed staring at this painting for some time now - truly great work.
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